Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Love for Cantonese Cooking (4)

When I was young, it felt like I was in a Dim Sum Restaurant almost everyday. Every time I'd go to the restaurant, I'd get the Mini Egg Tart when I see them. They were like candy to me. Combination of crisp crust with the silky egg filling, it was heaven to me. Unfortunately, eating one plate of Egg Tarts isn't so good for one's health, so I don't get it as much in dim sum restaurants now. 

Fortunately today I was craving them, so I decided to make Mini Egg Tarts. Unfortunately I didn't have any of the molds for it, so I went out to the city and bought a couple of them. I was trying a new recipe from wantanmien. (Click on the link to see the recipe) So after an hour, these Hong Kong style mini Egg Tarts came out like these:

They were puffed and they smelled delicious. Unfortunately I couldn't eat them since they were too hot and if I took them out too early, they will fall apart on me. Just in case you didn't see the video, a pro tip to getting out the egg tarts is to take the same empty mold and enclose both tart mold together. Then flip the mold with the egg tart upside-down, and give it a tap. It should pop right out very easily and then place them into your serving platter. I decided to place them on the plate below:

They remind me of the same ones I usually eat at dim sum restaurants. It brings me back to my childhood. And best of all, they are SIMPLE! Try the recipe it out.(I'm going to try the recipe out tomorrow again, but a bigger batch. Those who live close to me, you know what that means) Let me know how it went.