Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Almost everyone has this happened to them when they make a new recipe; You first gather your ingredients and then you start to mix everything together. Suddenly you have leftover egg yolks (or whites), butter, milk, etc... As a inspired chef, I have to find ways to make those leftovers into something new and delicious. So for today, my leftover ingredient was egg whites. I made Dinner Rolls yesterday and the recipe called for egg yolks, so I put the egg whites into a separate container and then pop it into the fridge. Next day I decided I would try make Meringue Cookies. 

Meringue Cookies - made from egg whites and sugar. (That's it!)

The recipe that I found used the same amount of egg whites that was in my container, so I thought it was perfect to make these light and airy cookies. Here is the recipe

Now my pictures, the best part of my entire blog. Enjoy the food porn everyone!

I wanted to take a photo of them on a plate, but I didn't have a dark enough colored plate to highlight the white color of the cookie. The taste test for these cookies were interesting because when you break the cookies in half, they crumble into little pieces. Once you put these cookies in your mouth, it starts out being crunchy and then slowly it melts like cotton candy. So light and just the right sweetness. 

The only down side about making these cookies is if you use a piping bag, it gets really messy; really fast. At the end, my hands were covered with white fluffy meringues and when you work with meringue too long, they will stick to your hands. In addition to piping, I used a 1/4 inch round tip and it took some time to pipe them out, so either get a larger round tip or use 2 spoons like the recipe says. Its cleaner. But if you have special guest visiting, then pipe them out into a pretty design and serve it them. 

Let me know in the comment box what your leftover ingredient was and what did you do with them? I'd like to know!