Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Friday!

It's Friday today! I wanted to make something that took all day, so I decided to attempt a Cinnamon Roll Recipe again. This recipe is from Laura Vitale (popular YouTube home cook). Laura Vitale isn't a certified chef, but she would say "you don't have to be certified to cook good food" and in her YouTube channel that's what she does for every recipe she comes up. I love her recipes because all the recipes are properly balanced. If I could, I'd make every recipe she has in her channel.

Normally I would change a small part of any recipe, but this recipe is perfect to me. The written instructions have some mistakes that I will point out. If you follow the video, you shouldn't have any problem.

When it's time to add the flour and yeast mixture into the bowl, the instruction says to add more water. That is a typo, so ignore that because the water was proofing the yeast. Additionally, the bake time was shorter for me; it took about 25 minutes for the top of the Cinnamon Rolls, to turn a Golden Brown color.

Ok, enough talk! The pictures are coming up! Enjoy the small puddle of the glaze on the side of the plate.

Fresh out of the oven and drizzled or drowned in the glaze

This was the middle piece, where it's soft and fluffy!

 That small puddle of glaze on the side makes me smile! Does it?!

 This is the cross section of the cinnamon roll; all those layers!

 Two down and 14 more to go! 

At the end of making the dough part of the recipe, I've used 3 1/2 cups of flour, so be carefully on adding flour because you will end up with a dense cinnamon roll. 

This recipe is a keeper! Check it out, let me know how your turn out! Make it over the weekend and have fresh Cinnamon Rolls for your family on Sunday! Remember to heat leftover cinnamon rolls in the microwave for 10 seconds, that is if you still have any.