Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Churros and Crumb Buns

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog, so I thought let's start off on a sweet note. Today I wanted to try a certain fried creation that I see often being sold in my nearby shopping mall. They are Churros! 
For those who don't know what a Churro is, then here is my take on it.

Churros are considered a Spanish doughnut and usually are served piping hot with a side of hot chocolate or drizzled a bit of melted dark chocolate. Churros are also made from a familiar batter that you may have cooked with. They are made with a cream puff batter, but instead of baking the batter, you fry it! And who doesn't love fried dough. 

I took the liberty to research some Churros recipe and I came across Laura Vitale's recipe from YouTube. I've had a great experience with her recipes, they always come out with the perfect balance of flavors. I can honestly say, she is my first "go-to" person to get the recipes for me to play with. 

Laura Vitale's Churros Recipe: http://www.laurainthekitchen.com/all/episode.php?episodenumber=382

After frying the dough and dusting it with cinnamon sugar, I took some pictures. 

How do they look? Delicious enough to eat? Looks like french fries, don't it? 

I was wondering when I was dusting these beautiful treats while they were being fried by my friend, one side of the churros is beautiful with the ridges, but the other side exploded outward. Why did that happen? Leave in the comment box below. 

I didn't just want one treat today, so I've decided to make what everyone calls it in New Jersey, a CRUMB BUN! I've been watching a lot of videos from the Crumb Boss who own Woodland Bakery, which is located in Chatham, New Jersey. I love her recipe because they too have the perfect balance of flavors. If you live close to Woodland Bakery, try their Crumb Buns and then make these. I really want to compare, but I don't have the transportation to go to New Jersey from New York City. 

So I thought today would be a great day to make these very popular treats that the Crumb Boss sells out everyday in her shop. 

Crumb Boss' Crumb Bun Recipe: http://www.crumbboss.com/crumb-bun-2/

When I took them out of the oven, I let them cooled down completely and then dusted each one with powdered sugar. 

The picture below shows the Crumb Buns that look very similar to a Coffee Cake!

When I started cutting into the buns, they were pretty thick and very airy as well. After having a bite of Crumb Buns, my definition for Crumb Buns is a light, airy, and chewy bread base with a crumbly streusel topping, which is similar to a classic coffee cake. Speaking of coffee cake, this crumb bun would be GREAT with a cup of joe or latte. Perfectly sweet and slightly salty to create a harmony of flavors. I hope you would try this recipe out, and let the Crumb Boss know how it turned out. (I know I will have the Crumb Boss look at her own creations). 

All I know is that I have leftover Crumb Buns and I will have a great breakfast with a cup of coffee. Thank you Crumb Boss! 

I have great news about myself in the upcoming month of March and possibly more creations! So.....

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