Friday, April 5, 2013

This week's work in Culinary School

Hi Everyone! Starting from today, I think I will post weekly photos of all the work I've done and the dishes I've eaten. So I'm going to stop myself from writing a large paragraph and show the pictures with it's respective names:

Beef Consomme with Finely Diced Carrots, Turnips, Haricot Verts, and Green Peas

This was the lunch I've had one day, it was a buffet. From left bottom to right bottom going around the plate;
Grilled Bacon Polenta, Deviled Eggs, Shredded Cabbage in Sweet Dressing (Don't remember Sorry), Parsnip Gratin, Parsnip Tart, Apple and Bacon Croquette, Apple Butter, Mixed Sauteed Vegetables, Carrot Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (In the little cup), Smoked Trout spread, and Roasted Ham! 

During a Chef's Demonstration: Baked Shrimps 3 different types (Simply Seasoned with Salt and LOTS of Pepper) Very Tasty!

During a Chef's Demonstration: Salt Cured Red Snapper, and Amberjack Ceviche with Mangos, Supereme of Blood Oranges, and Pistachios. 

Salade Nicoise

Crispy Duck Confit with a Bitter Green Salad 

Macadoine de Legume
(or Carrots, Turnips, Haricot Verts, and Green Peas dressed with a Basil Mayo 
and topped with Tomato Fondue)

My Chef Instructor's Graxlax! So good with a piece of toast and Lemon Juice!

I had leftover Challah bread so I decided to make my own French Toast with Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Salt, and Cinnamon! Drizzled with Condensed milk.

Poisson en Papillote
(Fish baked in Parchment Paper)
This just came out of the oven, such a Wow factor.

Poisson en Papillote
This was the inside of the parchment paper. Very Delicious and Healthy too!
 So I ate the whole thing by myself.

Sauteed Trout, Grenoble Style
This was pan seared Trout with a Lemon Butter sauce. Garnished with Lemon Supreme, Capers, Housemade Croutons, and Cocotte New Potatoes.
"Cocotte" refers to the shape of the potatoes in this photo.  

Thank You everyone for their support! And I keep rewarding with more Food Porn! I hope you like it! Stay Tune next week for more! I hope..