Saturday, April 13, 2013

Classic Sponge Cake

One day, I came back home and my Father brought home 2 dozen duck eggs. He wanted me to make a Duck Egg Cake for him, so I decided to make it with a certain ratio, which I will talk about it later on. Now the recipe for Classic Sponge Cake is from Woodland Bakery in Chatham, NJ. The recipe is written by Gretchen Price.

Here's the recipe:

Please check out her website, it has everything for aspiring Pastry Chefs or Home Baker!

Now for the details to making the cake; In today's cake, I've used 3 Duck Eggs instead of the 4 Chicken Eggs the recipe called for. That ratio is perfect as long as the weight of the Duck Eggs is around 200g, when cracked opened. I lowered the amount of sugar to 1 1/4 cup and then I followed the recipe with the other ingredients. Those are my changes to this cake and the result is PERFECT!

The cake is Moist, Soft, Light, and perfect Sweetest! Just the perfect harmony for the Classic Sponge Cake! With some Swiss Vanilla Buttercream from Gretchen Price, this is the best harmony of flavors!

I'm sorry about my pictures being ugly today, but it's the perfect picture to explain my next tip.

In the past I've tried this recipe using Chicken Eggs and it was also great, but it was really dry. One cool tip to keeping your Sponge Cake from drying out while it cools, is to place the sponge cake into a plastic bag and close it shut so the cake stays moist. In this case, I've used a Hefty Plastic Ziplock Bag to keep the cake moist. Once you are ready to frost, take the cakes out of the bag and stack the cakes on top of each other. When you cut into this cake, it will be moist! 

Hope you enjoy the tip, I will make another post later tonight to highlight my work in Culinary School. Subscribe and Stay tune for more upcoming pictures!