Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Realizing my love for cantonese cooking

This is my first post so I will introduce myself. My name is Andy. I have a huge passion for food and dining. I usually post pictures of foods that I create at home, but I think I will be posting dining experiences that I have in New York City. This city is strong and great for its different cuisines, so me and my friend (who will be unnamed for the foreseeable future) try different restaurants and critic for our personal collection.

Just a heads up, all my photos are taken using an iPad 2, so they might be blurry.

I am of Chinese decent, so I grew up with all the Chinese style dishes that I will be posting in the future. Since it was christmas day, I thought i could make something for my grandma. And I knew she would like it. It was what we called "ma lai go" or Chinese steamed sponge cake. You usually get the steamed cakes in dim sum restaurants and sometimes they can be rolls as well. My finished product looked something like the photo attached to this post.

The result was a lovely soft texture with very good sweetness but not overpowering.
A tip before making this cake, please use the best ingredients you can find. The cake is so simple that using the best tasting eggs will make a difference.